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Why choose us for your Gold Investments?

We work to create value by providing an avenue for marketing precious metals and wide range of commodities to the Global Export Market. Bullion And Capital Investments supplies Au/ Bullion Bars, Doré Bars, Nuggets, Diamonds, Precious Stones and Minerals from several countries to the Global Export Market.

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Bullion And Capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd

Bullion And Capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a leading exporter of various commodities such as Au/ Bullion Bars, Doré Bars, Nuggets, Diamonds, Precious Stones and Minerals from several countries in Partnership with mass suppliers throughout the world to Global Export Market. USA is one of our prime markets.

Precious Metal – Gold

Sound looks great, yes – Gold was discovered by our ancestors thousands of years ago, in its natural state - all over the world and, there is no doubt that it was the first precious metal known to early human.

Gold became a part of every human culture due to its natural beauty, brilliance and luster. In addition, its great malleability and resistance to tarnish, made it pleasurable and hence, work to form into the shapes of ornaments, accessories and alike.

Although gold is dispersed all over the globe, its discovery causes it to be a rare metal that has a high economic value against the demand. Today, with its scarcity, gold has become a store of value and traded mainly as a portfolio diversifier and considered as a hedge against inflation.

Investment– in Gold

Considering the decades in to past, Gold has become an ever-demanding commodity causing a vacuum in the market at all times, resulting new miners to peep into the earth. Spanning from north to south and east to west, Investors are floating in search of dusts and nuggets of which they shall convert in to the glitters in the form of Dore or Bullion bars.

We, Bullion and capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd, extend our service to ease the investors to trade their metals offering high values, and minimizing the waste of their time for search of alternatives. We treat our suppliers and the buyers respectfully and, guarantee the best offers that hardly get in the off market.

Project Funding

In addition to the limitless services that we tender in the bullion world, Bullion and capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd expanded its services further, lending on infrastructure development projects ranging from USD 10 million to 1 billion, depending on the values of the schemes.


Having considerable number of vendors, both sourcing and consuming in its data base, Bullion and capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd always, welcome them and arrange a platform for them to resolve their needs in a timely manner, within the areas of the services;

Buying of Precious Metal Gold, Precious Stones and Minerals in bar forms.

Supplying of Precious Metal Gold, Precious Stones and Minerals to the requirement.

Project funding – in medium to large scale.

Bridging between stakeholders.

Customs Clearing and Forwarding (Subsidiary Company) .

Our energetic team with their chairman is readily available, to assist our clients and customers at all times offering their best services when and where required. BE A PART OF THE BULLION WORLD!!

Au/ Bullion Bars

Au/ Bullion bars (Fineness 999.5/1000 or better) are available at the very best prices above the spot price. Best way to own physical gold for large investors with a certificate of authenticity.

Doré Bars

We can provide with high quality Doré Gold directly from the mines through our partnerships from different countries.

Gold Nuggets

We can provide with high quality Doré Gold directly from the mines through our partnerships from different countries.


Diamonds with best colours and clarity, different shapes and carats as you wish from African continent and other parts of the world.

Blue Supphires

High quality blue sapphires from Sri Lanka. We can supply lots with best colour, clarity and cuts under different carats as you prefer.

Precious Stones

Different types of precious stones found in Sri Lanka. Ruby, yellow sapphire; alexandrite cat's-eye chrysoberyl; almandine hessonite garnet. Spinel, tourmaline, zircon, moonstone, etc;

Corundum Aggregate

Rare gemstone clustors 4-5 billion years old. Currently we have 452.5 Kg and 560 Kg clustors and looking for suitable buyers.

Copper/Iron Ore

We can supply copper and Iron Ore from several parts of the world in different grades, purity and sizes as per customer requirements.


We offer high purity Ilmenite, Rutile and Zircon sand from eastern coast of Sri Lanka.


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